Our Story

In February 2020, I (Bella Rea) decided to create my own swimwear line. My great-grandmother owned her own mill, my grandmother loved to sew as well as my mother, so you could say it runs in the genes as does being an entrepreneur. Before creating my own line, I owned over 50 swimsuits. I believe no one can ever have too many! I have always wanted certain patterns and styles that I could never find online or in stores. Before my trip to Turks & Caicos in February 2020, I curated my own swimsuits that I loved using fabric I have never seen before. I sew all of the swimsuits by hand in my new office. Every piece of the bikini is hand picked by me. 

Every suit has its own specific meaning. You can find those meanings in detail on our Instagram or Facebook @bellareaswim. I want to create collections that are eye catching yet practical. I am always the girl who hates having weird tan lines. I will always move straps around in order to keep one tan line or get rid of another. Most of my swimsuits I have made can easily become strapless which is a huge plus when someone is just laying and tanning. All of the bikinis have been worn and tested in both chlorine and saltwater. 

All of our swimsuits are hand-wash ONLY. Using a mild detergent or just fresh water, wash your suits in the sink and hang to dry. Do not lay them to dry in the sun and do not use bleach as that will ruin the material.